About Us

Our Vision

We set out to create not just a fashion brand, but a brand inspired by the ultimate sophistication of a modern lifestyle, a brand that exists to serve the most refined, polished and well-bred gentlemen of our time! We started this brand to create simple designed, well made and well-priced shoes, the products that we would love but couldn't find.


Our Products

Romèro Ferrera is a subject of art taking place globally, redefining a wholly new approach to luxury and comfort. We at Romèro Ferrera, with a great love for detail, high-grade leathers and fashionable material, this brand rich in tradition believes above all in a strong price and quality. The expected high level of comfort in wear and pleasant walking experience, perfect last-shapes and innovative features are brought to bear. We welcome you to a result of a unique process the one that will stay with you and impact the flock on many levels. We welcome you to taste the modernity with the comfort and style of our shoes. We welcome you to the Romèro Ferrera family. We hope you to find everything you had been looking forever.