Monk Straps

Genuine Leather Monk Strap Shoes

 How To Pair Your Favorite Monk Strap Shoes?

The cool style and design of Monk Strap shoes are perfectly timeless. These are the footwear attires you could have for casual evenings as well as posh events. Genuine leather monk strap shoes are certainly classy and equally durable. However, knowing the right way to pair them is extremely important. Offering such elegance, they require justice when it comes to pairing up. This section would help you pair your classic custom handmade Monk strap shoes with the right attire. 

1. Pair Them With Jeans

If you are planning to have a casual look, then get the double strap monk shoes and pair them with your denim. Adding a timeless white shirt with skinny pieces of denim and these smart shoes would make your look killer. Brown shade would always settle the look, so try to get one of those.

2. Pair Them With Shorts

Yes, you read it right. Monk Strap shoes are usually popular with formals, however, they would go with shorts as well. Again, you need to get double Monk strap shoes as they certainly complement your casual attires.

3.Make Your Colour Selection Wise

Wearing these classic shoes with over the calf socks is quite intriguing. And when you add a charming pop colour, the overall outfit becomes classic.

These were certain ideas or you could say tips for styling these amazing shoes with your look. If you are buying Monk strap shoes for the first time, its recommendable to go for double strap shoes and pick a brown colour. It goes well with all. So, what are you waiting for? Buy them today.