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Where Did Loafer Shoes Come From?

Loafer shoes are one of the must-have accessories in a men's closet. Their amazing versatility to match with different outfits, be it outdoors, casuals, formals or even loungewear makes them essential for your collection. Men loafer shoes for sale are never-ending. But one thing that's also never-ending is its history. Earlier, they were known as Parka or the boat shoe, thanks to the design. Well, there is a lot more to it. So, let's find out. 

The History Of Loafer Shoes

Though there are many stories about the history of loafer shoes, the most prominent one is based in Norway. A fisherman named Bass Weejun invented these exquisite footwears. He designed them in the style of moccasins to use them suitably on the wet surfaces.

The current designs are influenced by the model called Wildsmith Loafer made by Raymond Lewis Wildsmith in England. The shoe was originally made for King George VI for his casual wear. Later, the design was modified in various models apt for public use. 

Today, these exclusive shoes have gained immense popularity which led to exclusive innovation. They have insoles, strips and extremely utility-filled elements. They have amazing models making it spectacular.