Collection: Lace Ups

Men's Designer Lace-up Shoes online

What Are Lace-Up Shoes?

The leather lace ups shoes are quite popular and certainly must-have footwear in a man's closet. If you are having trouble identifying men's designer lace-up shoes online, then don't worry, this section would help you do the chore.

The Design

This highly popular shoe design has a shoelace crisscrossed across the shoe through lugs or eyelets. However, lace-up shoes can be further categorised into open laced or closed lace shoes. The derby and various other styles have an open lace system. In this, the side pieces lie over the vamp's top that further turn flows through the shoe's tongue.

On the other hand, Oxford is the shoe with closed lacing. In this design, the side pieces are connected below the vamp further sewn together in the tongue. Both the shoe types are made of single leather and offer absolute grace.


Your collection must have at least one lace-up shoe in order to make your style statement classic. Get the best men's designer lace-up shoes online today!!!